Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop, LLC (BRTW) is an independent group of NYC-based Black artists seeking to explore, craft, produce, and perform Black experiences and responses to systemic oppression. Founded shortly after the massacre at Mother Emanuel AME, BRTW places a premium on amplifying Black voices  and presenting complex, intersectional Black identities and themes .


Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop, LLC aims to be a key force in the effort to create, produce, and demand conscious and critical media. BRTW will represent intersectional identities.  In addition to writing and commissioning new works for both workshop and full production, BRTW will encourage and assist artists to critically engage with injustices propagated within and against marginalized communities.  


Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop,LLC is dedicated to developing, producing, incubating, and promoting Black artists who actively engage with justice in their work. BRTW recognizes that we live in a world rife with injustice:

  • racism
  • homophobia
  • transphobia
  • misogyny
  • ableism
  • classism
  • ageism

As the Black community grapples with the injustices it faces from without and the privileges from within, BRTW seeks to create a space to critically engage with the layers of intersectional identity and justice while constantly asking, “What does true liberation look like?”

Black Artists

BRTW accomplishes its mission in the ongoing weekly rehearsal/ incubator series, monthly podcast, live productions, events, commissions, and workshops that create, edit, and remix artistic representations of revolutionary strategies. In accessible:

  • drama
  • satire
  • poem
  • song
  • rap
  • movement

BRTW seeks to create the perfect revolution.

BLACK REVOLUTIONARY THEATRE WORKSHOP, LLC IS FULLY COMMITTED TO DIVERSITY of all kinds—racial, ethnic, national, and socioeconomic background; sexual orientation; gender identity; age; veteran status; religious belief; thought and opinion; professional aspirations; and more.

Most Recent Full Production

BRTW developed an interactive multi-media live production that hit the stage. Inspired by increasingly tense race relations in an America where the President is Black but white supremacist organizations enjoy greater numbers than everRevolution questions the impact and inevitable results of a race war. Through satire, tragedy, poem, and song, from interracial relationships, the most disadvantaged to the oppressed elite, sex workers, preachers, politicians, and the Spirit of the Revolution itself, Revolution leaves no stone unturned in this honest and jarring exploration of when a society’s most marginalized citizens demand a liberty they have never known.