The BRTW Commission Process

The BRTW Commission Process

When an artist or organization commissions Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop, LLC (BRTW), our members investigate the topic, environment, and key players to create a cohesive narrative. We intertwine themes “ripped from the headlines” with fiction to produce a piece that speaks to our audience’s concerns. BRTW writes, edits, rehearses, performs, and produces a full piece that is ready to travel to the destination of choice.

Previous BRTW commission topics include the following:

  • The Black Revolution
  • The Black Community and the Police
  • Progressive Intersectionality
  • Misogyny in the Black Community
  • Homophobia in the Black Community
  • Transphobia in the Black Community
  • “Transracialism”
  • Implicit vs Explicit Racism

To find out if commissioning a piece is right for your organization, contact us here.

Creating A Safe Space for Artistic & Social Inquiry

Our multidisciplinary membership researches, interviews, and voraciously devours information to contribute to the narrative. The collective creates a safe space for artistic and intellectual discovery. Together, we share ideas, present working pieces, and begin to stitch together a piece. Our company’s mission demands a safe space for all of our endeavors. As a result, we create a critical but encouraging environment for every aspect of our work to ensure that each artist is encouraged to grow, play, and discover with useful insight and direction.

Shared Artistic & Administrative Responsibility

With most companies, people want to know who’s “in charge.” BRTW is a little different. Our work is progressive, and we use it to push the boundaries of the status quo, break tradition, and question hierarchy.Our goal is to create a space that always pushes artists to learn, question, and play- not to stifle exploration. Throughout each year, our members dedicate themselves to their craft both within and outside of BRTW. Each of our members has unique artistic and administrative abilities that help BRTW flourish, and we recognize that each of those skills is equally necessary for continued mutual improvement. Just as we don’t have a central authority figure within the company, we choose not to have one in the rehearsal room. Each artist is an advocate of the narrative and especially of their work within it.

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